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District Report Card

Grenada School District earned its second A rating for its performance in the 2022-23 school year, as approved by the Mississippi State Board of Education, in September of 2023. Grenada High School also received its first A in 2023.

An “A District” distinction is a great light that shines on the entire community. It says that Grenada cares about its young people and that its citizens are joined in an effort to help them succeed.

Part of our mission in this district is to train college- and career-ready students. A child who comes through this school district stands a better chance at success in college and career based on the instruction they receive from our teachers and administrators.

Like community and industry, schools function best on the strength of its people. If we can do a good job of training and educating them, then they can grow up and become a part of our community. They can look forward to raising families here and enjoying a quality life in Grenada.

In the end, an A rating for the district is not just about a grade. It’s about a sense of pride in our school and community. We must continue to teach our kids to be their best selves and to nurture the good that’s been made in Grenada.