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GES PreK-2 (Red Top) Drop Off/Pick Up

GES 3-5 (Green Top) Drop Off/ Pick Up

Middle School Drop-Off Procedure

AUGUST 1, 2024

First Day of School for Teachers

AUGUST 6, 2024

First Day of School for Students

School Book Bag Policy

This school district is committed to providing a safe environment wherein students can learn and teachers can provide focused instruction. A safe learning climate supports high academic achievement and fosters the best in students and staff. To promote safe schools throughout the district, the school board has adopted the following policy on school bags: 

Grades K-12 may only have plastic book bags clear in color or any color of mesh book bag with or without wheels. (Non-compliance may result in a Level I discipline offense.)

Policy Code: JCDBB

Dress Code page 1
Dress Code page 2

School Supplies

This supply list has  been approved by the Board of Trustees. No items will be added to this list without superintendent approval. No teacher without specific written approval from the superintendent may require students to purchase any supplies. The following list is a list of optional supplies to be used by each student. There is no requirement that a parent provide these materials, however, the children would make good use of these items. (This is not a fee.) The principals of each school compiled and approved this list based on student age, grade, and school appropriateness.