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AmeriCorps is a national organization committed to bringing people together to improve lives, strengthen communities, and foster civic engagement through service and volunteering. 

This program has impacted the lives of thousands of children in Grenada, where our school district hosts a robust and dedicated group of AmeriCorps members who have dedicated a year or more of their lives to serving in schools and after-school programs as tutors and mentors. 

The main goal of the local initiative is assisting at-risk K-8 students to increase reading and/or math skills by at least 15%. The one-on-one and small group tutoring has kept these students on course with their grade level and inspired students to want to learn.

The student engagement that comes from these mentors’ efforts will have long-range implications for Grenada by impacting the literacy rate, graduation rate, and, in turn, the economic progress of our community.

AmeriCorps inspires its members as well as the students they help. Members are encouraged to become more proactive citizens through their work and through personal development training. They participate in community events and volunteer with such local organizations as the Grenada Food Pantry, the Soup Kitchen, Christmas in April and such National Service Days as Martin Luther King Day and Make a Difference Day.

Of the 29 current members, some already have college degrees, while others are in the process of completing their education degrees and may use the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award to pay for classes. Several members are over 55 years of age with past education experience who serve because they care about the children. Those over 55 years of age can transfer the education award to a child or grandchild.  

Many AmeriCorps alumni continue to serve the community. Some former members teach in their own classrooms, and some work in other positions throughout the district.

To be eligible to serve as an AmeriCorps member, one must have passed 48 college credits or passed the ACT WorkKeys Test. Find out more about AmeriCorps by visiting the national website, or read the local FAQ sheet.

AmeriCorps members

Grenada School District AmeriCorps Program

Phone: (662) 226-1606  Ext. 1016


Phyllis ChismProgram Director

Pamela HubbardAssistant Director


    Thank You, AmeriCorps!

Thank You, AmeriCorps!

By GSD Superintendent Dr. David Daigneault
May 2024

Whenever I’m invited to speak to groups of school administrators about Grenada’s success, I offer a list of key factors that have contributed to our district’s success. One contributing factor that people are always surprised to learn about is our AmeriCorps program....

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