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Grenada School District Campus Police Department

GSD established its own campus police force in 2013. Three armed officers serve our seven campuses and operate under the same standards of any law enforcement agency, as set forth and upheld by the state of Mississippi. Internally, the officers are held to an even higher standard of training, as many as double the amount of state minimum training hours. 

In addition to our school resource officers (SROs), we also contract locally with Safe Security for an additional team of security guards who are stationed strategically throughout the school system. 

Our campus police work closely with the city police force as well as the county sheriff’s department and administrators on every campus. Their partnerships and access to law enforcement resources extend well beyond Grenada. 

Campus Police Chief Benji Britt, a lifelong citizen of Grenada and a graduate of Grenada High, has crafted crisis management plans that take into account the unique physical characteristics of each campus and include not only criminal acts but natural disasters such as fires, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc. Britt is constantly revising plans, coordinating with other law enforcers, and conducting and receiving training.

Our police force works with administrators and teachers to pass along their knowledge and strategies, including instruction on how to de-escalate situations in the classroom. Different types of personalities and cultures require different responses, and our teachers have learned how to deal with a variety of situations and temperaments to achieve peaceful solutions in the event of a volatile encounter.

GSD Campus Police hope you’ll come forward if you have any security concerns or red flags that have been raised inside or outside of school. Come forward and let us help. If you have a tip to pass along, reach out at or call 866-GSD-TIPS (866- 473-8477).

GSD Security

GSD Campus Police Department

1823 Fairground Rd.
Phone: (662) 226-3771

Benji BrittCampus Police Chief

Speak Up, Save Lives 866-GSD-TIPS