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Welcome to the Hawaii Room of Balloon Quest!

Walk inside a replica of a Hawaiian house, or “hola,” and view the volcano and waterfalls through the “windows.” QR codes on the bamboo beneath give an audio explanation of the movement of water and the processes of deposition from a volcano.

Learn about earthquakes by experimenting with materials on the “shake table” to build earthquake resistant structures. Near the earthquake exhibit, peek inside the diorama and locate different land forms of volcanoes, mountains, valleys, estuaries, and canyons.

Across the room study the causes of tsunamis and create your own tidal wave with a model. The village is in danger!

Decipher the message from the Conservation Guidebook, find the appropriate container, access a key, open the correct book, and use the codes from your team’s questions to discover how to access the parrot’s final message.


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