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Welcome to the Map Room of Balloon Quest!

This room will anchor participants’ view of our place on the globe by providing interactive questions for a world map, a map of the United States, state map of soil types across Mississippi, and a county map.  The room simulates a hot air balloon ride that features a panorama view of Grenada Lake.

Learn all about maps here! Videos made by our cartographer can be accessed with QR codes and will teach the visitors how to read a map scale, figure out elevation, learn about longitude and latitude, find a location, differentiate soil types in regions of Mississippi, and learn about land and water data. The information from the videos will enable students to answer related questions and use those answers to open a lockbox. The lockbox contains another puzzle that accesses a message from Jack, the stowaway possum!

The Map Room journey ends with a simulated balloon ride over Grenada Lake!

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