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Welcome to the Chakchiuma Swamp of Balloon Quest!

It is dawn here — listen to the singing crickets, smell the earthy fragrance, look for the lightning bugs, and find creatures. Explore the fisherman’s cabin, climb inside the rowboat, and tour our local Chakchiuma Swamp. Observe the constellations on the ceiling with the black lights in the room. The stars simulate the view of the sky from Grenada’s location on March 15, 2020, at 5:00 am.

Learn about animals of the swamp. Posters made by our biologist will teach the visitors about photosynthesis, life cycles, interdependence of animals, adaptations to the environment, animal classification, and conservation. The information from the room’s posters will enable visitors to answer questions that will access messages from swamp animals.

Visit the butterflies growing in the next room. Learn about their life cycle and view their environment. Before you exit, listen to the directions from the great horned owl.

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