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LEAP (Gifted)

Grenada School District serves gifted students in second through sixth grade with Project LEAP. LEAP stands for Learning, Enrichment, and Progress. We aspire to foster a love for learning in these gifted students, to enrich their school experience, and to provide the tools they need to progress through school and beyond.

In Project LEAP, we encourage metacognition — “thinking about thinking” — to help students become aware of the mental processes they’re using while learning. High-performing students further excel when they master the skills of creative thinking.

Project LEAP students meet each day in an environment where they are free to share and communicate with fellow gifted students. We consider the social and emotional health of students and help them navigate the obstacles, as well as opportunities, that come from being active, accelerated learners.

The LEAP curriculum is derived from regulations mandated by the Mississippi Department of Education but also expands on the core curriculum with lessons and activities that challenge their intellect, teaches life skills, and trains them to work both as leaders and as members of a team.

At Grenada School District, we feel it is our critical responsibility as educators to recognize the community’s brightest students and to help develop the potential that will bring them success in school and will prepare them to be the leaders of tomorrow.