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Post-Graduation Opportunities

Cadets are under no obligation to join any branch of military service when they graduate, though participation in NJROTC will provide tools for success after high school regardless of your chosen career path. If you’re looking for adventure, or even cutting-edge training and a college education, you should give some serious thought to a military career path. You’re not locked into the military for life, and the opportunities can be both thrilling and affordable. Plus, it’s hard to put a price on the personal structure, leadership, and discipline you’ll receive as part of Grenada High’s NJROTC.

After graduation from GHS as an NJROTC cadet, you will be better prepared to pursue a college education through the ROTC program in either a technical or non-technical major. Membership in NJROTC helps cadets build a solid background for ROTC scholarship applications available at colleges and universities across the country. If your goal is to apply to a military service academy, there are avenues within the NJROTC program that will help you achieve this goal.  

Each year, seniors and juniors from NJROTC go on field trips to Congressional Academy Days which are sponsored by your local congressional offices. Their objective is to provide you with information regarding service academies’ admissions processes, the congressional office’s nomination process and often an opportunity to meet with service academy representatives. In addition to good grades, ACT scores, and community involvement, your NJROTC experience provides a competitive edge over the rest of the applicants. Cadets can qualify for scholarships worth up to $350,000.  

If attending college right after high school graduation is not for you, you may want to pursue a military career. Students who commit to serve in the military branch of their choice after college will be eligible for a host of scholarships and personal-living stipends. They also qualify for higher pay grade entering the service and a host of other financial incentives. Recents graduates of our program have gone right out of high school to the Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and even West Point Military Academy where they trained to serve as U.S. Army officers. 

If you complete two or three years in NJROTC, you are entitled to enter the military two to three grades higher than other enlistees. Instead of going in as an E-1 any branch, cadets can go in up to E-3 depending on which branch they choose to join. Besides a higher rank going in, they will also have a bigger pay jump.